you make me laughbut it’s not funny

— beginners (2010)

finally watched this tonight. This is the film I’ve been waiting for (watches it 4 years after it comes out) So many little feelings packed inside 105 minutes. Now excuse me while I go drown myself in this soundtrack & beer in ceremony of waiting to see the blood moon

Today you are wearing a dress that shows your knees and I want to apologize to your knees for all the grovelling other people have made them do. I want to say, ‘I’m sorry, knees, I’m sorry they made you kneel at their feet and make excuses for the body you belong to.’ You do not have to make excuses. Your body is a surprise party that made me trap my hand in the doorframe. Your body made me spit up all my beer. Your body made me stupid. It’s just so… unexpected. Your body: a curve in the road that leads a person to their destiny. Please don’t ever get down on your knees again. Please don’t ask them to love you. Love is not something you ask for. Help getting the spices down from the top shelf is something you ask for. Extra cheese on your cheesy fries is something you ask for. More time is something you ask for. Love is something that is given. A non-returnable gift at the surprise party of your body. I laid it on the table of your heart. The surprise party is for me, but I got something for you for being such a good host. Here, I got you this love swelling into something almost worrying. No take backs. Here, this is for you. This is for being so… unexpected. Don’t ever fall to your knees again. Don’t ever kiss someone’s feet for a fraction of their affection. Don’t ever bow your head to someone willing to cut it off. Wear dresses every day. I love your knees. I love the body they belong to. ‘Surprise!’ and all the lights go on. ‘Surprise!’ and my mouth falls open.
Donna-Marie Riley (via five—a—day)